The company Safe Sex Kit is a package which contains all safety and hygiene items necessary for sex workers to perform their work safely. All drivers will have a Health Kit with them at all times, sex workers can request these kits at any time should they not have their own supply.

Sex workers using their own products must still adhere to the standards defined in this document, in other words using products that are CE approved.

Safe Sex Kit Items

  1. Different sized condoms (CE Approved), to be used during sexual acts
  2. Hand wipes to be used for sanitizing items that are dirty
  3. Sanitiser to be used on hands for cleanliness – If environment allows for soap and water then please use this option instead
  4. Lubricants which are appropriate for condoms provided


Not included in the Safe Sex Kit:

  1. Period pad, we do not send sex workers to jobs when they are on their periods or about to have their periods
  2. Towels
  3. Massage Oil

Absence of Safe Sex Kit

In the absence of a Safe Sex Kit sex workers should cancel all bookings until they are able to acquire the necessary items to perform their job safely.